from Firestone CO to Castle Rock CO Trip to Santa Fe NM in November Castle Rock CO Kathrins Trip to Tampa FL in September from Castle Rock CO to Elbert County CO - April Trip to Germany July - August Elbert County CO Sam Boston New York May Trip to Utah in July Elbert County CO Trip to Kansas and Nebraska in June Elbert County CO from Elbert County CO to Castle Rock WA April - May 2009 New Zealand 2010 New Zealand 2010 Australia 2010 Germany 2011 Germany 2011 Colorado USA 2012 Colorado USA Castle Rock WA Castle Rock WA Trip to Moab, UT and Skydiving in August Portland, OR Trip to California and Bend, OR  in Nov. Trip to California in December Portland, OR Trip to California in Jan Trip to CO, CA, AZ, NV in April move to Tempe AZ in May Grand Canyon AZ in June California in July and October Thanksgiving in Portland OR Christmas in California with Sam WWW.DIETSCHE-USA.COM 2021 Dietsche Tempe AZ from Germany to Brisbane / Australia to New Zealand from New Zealand to Brisbane / Australia to Germany Trip to Washinghton D.C. Washinghton D.C. from Germany to Firestone / Colorado Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA Photo taken June 2021 at Mohave Point, South Rim Tempe AZ